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Baal's Spear Engulfing Lightning - Digital 3D Model Files and Physical 3D Printed Kit Options - Baal Cosplay - Baal Spear

Baal's Spear Engulfing Lightning - Digital 3D Model Files and Physical 3D Printed Kit Options - Baal Cosplay - Baal Spear

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Physical or Digital

This is an Exact Replica for Raiden Shogun's Spear aka the Engulfing Lighting (aka Grass Cutter Light Spear) from the video game Genshin Impact. Professionally designed for high accuracy cosplaying and easy 3D Printing. Perfect for your Xiao Cosplay or Baal Cosplay.

- Scale Height: 2100 mm (7 feet) [Standard]
- Custom Dimensions (for example for a smaller doll or figurine or to match your height better) [Upon Request]

- Length: 200mm ( 8") | Width: 200 mm (8") | Height: 200 mm (8") [Standard]
- Length: 150mm ( 6") | Width: 150 mm (6") | Height: 150 mm (6") [Upon Request]
- Length: 129 mm ( 5") | Width: 60 mm (2.3") | Height: 150 mm (6") [Upon Request]
- Custom Dimensions [Upon Request]

There is a 23 mm diameter dowel slot (for 7/8" wooden dowel) included in the handle portion to provide alignment during assembly. The file also includes 4.25mm dowel slots (for 4mm dowels) and 3.25mm peg slots (for 3mm pegs )for alignment in the blade and thinner portions to help with assembly alignment and provide additional strength.

Parts are printed in white PLA+ filament with scaffolding supports removed. 

I did my best to position the seams to be hidden easily or easily sandable. I also positioned the slices to allow for the preservation of the fine model details when you 3D print the pieces.

Please message me if you have any questions before or after your purchase and I will be happy to help! Let me know if there is a specific prop or weapon you want a 3D model of and I can likely make it for you.

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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely beautiful and detailed Engulfing Lightning model that 3D prints extremely well!

Finished printing, building, and painting Engulfing Lightning and it came out spectacular! The model is extremely detailed, especially compared to any other option out there, and is far more true-to-game than the other options. I do recommend using steel/brass/aluminum dowels for the structure of the print (used 1/8th inch diameter), and a simple wooden dowel (like one you would use in a closet clothes rack) for the main length of the polearm worked extremely well. I did have to do the normal post-processing before airbrushing, but it has now survived multiple cons of being banged around and beat up! Attached image was right before I added the small wing pieces to complete it! Printed with a Creality K1 w/ Inland PLA+ 1.75mm filament on the standard 0.4mm nozzle.

Celina Jork J
I haven't gotten around to printing the wh...

I haven't gotten around to printing the whole thing yet, but I'm already very happy with what I got just after slicing them. This is my second time buying files for this weapon cause I didn't like the previous ones I got, cause you didn't really have much space to insert a pvc pipe in the upper part. But this model right here gives you enough space to ensure that it won't be wobbly and sit on the pipe nice and secure. The details look really nice as well! I'll update the review with a picture once I got around to finishing the prop :)

Mckenna B
This project came out beautifully! Very ea...

This project came out beautifully! Very easy to build and easy to sand. My only issue was the two extra “accessory” pieces. They were fragile to glue on and attach (Holes seemed too small to me at least). And to my dismay they snapped multiple times from unfortunate events( Issue on my end). But I found a way around it and it still came out wonderful! It was fun to carry around such a tall weapon!

Timmy T
Took a little bit of resizing for my bed,...

Took a little bit of resizing for my bed, but I'm excited to see the end product together

Amilyn K
5 stars

5 stars