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Jinx Arcane Mini Gun - Digital 3D Model File - Jinx Arcane Cosplay - Mr. Pew Pew - Jinx gun

Jinx Arcane Mini Gun - Digital 3D Model File - Jinx Arcane Cosplay - Mr. Pew Pew - Jinx gun

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This is an Exact Replica of the Mini Gun (Mr. Pew Pew). Professionally designed for high accuracy cosplaying and easy 3D Printing. Perfect for your Arcane Jinx Cosplay.

- Length: 840 mm (33 inches) [Standard]
- Custom Dimensions (for example for a smaller doll or figurine or to match your height better) [Upon Request]

- Length: 200mm ( 8") | Width: 200 mm (8") | Height: 200 mm (8") [Standard]
- Length: 150mm ( 6") | Width: 150 mm (6") | Height: 150 mm (6") [Upon Request]
- Length: 129 mm ( 5") | Width: 60 mm (2.3") | Height: 150 mm (6") [Upon Request]
- Custom Dimensions [Upon Request]

The gun body itself is mostly hollow. The gun barrel assembly is separated from the main body. If you wanted, you could wire up a motor to the gun barrel assembly and rotate it for a cool effect. The motor assembly can easily be hidden within the hollow body of the gun.

The back gun piece is designed to be removed to provide access to the hollowed out area. There are also rare earth magnet slots on the back gun portion to further facilitate the fastening and unfastening capabilities of the gun. The dowel slots are for 1/2" by 1/4" magnets and 1/4" by 1/8" magnets.

There are 13.5mm (for 1/2" or 13mm dowels) and 4.25 mm (for 3/32" or 4mm dowels) dowel voids to help with alignment of the pieces during assembly and to provide some additional strength.

Please message me if you are interested in buying this item as a 3D printed kit.

I did my best to position the seams to be hidden easily or easily sandable. I also positioned the slices to allow for preservation of the fine model details when you 3D print the pieces.

Please message me if you have any questions before or after your purchase and I will be happy to help! Let me know if there is a specific prop or weapon you want a 3D model of and I can likely make it for you.

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